Queen of Hearts

February 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

This perilous journey is mine,

And it’s the only road that I know,

And all that I have is my mind,

That you will not be able to hold.

Behaving the way that I do,

I just hope that you won’t misconstrue,

The trouble with being a girl,

We just love and give love to the world.

Though we stand quietly behind the shadows

Of men in the arms of decree;

It’s the power of peace and honesty,

that lie in the Queen of Hearts.

(By Taheera Rosheena Mohamed @ 17th February, 2010)


Tiada apa yang baru

February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tiada apa yang baru di dunia
cuma luaran mungkin berubah rupa
tapi aku memang sengaja
mahu menjadi penjaga taman yang setia

Tiada apa yang baru di dunia
hanya mereka yang lenyap
dalam igauan mimpi
ingin keras bermaharajalela
atas bumi yang uzur kini

Tiada apa yang baru di dunia
Benih dibaja telah menjadi bunga
Bunga pun layu dibakar api
tiada diduga akan terlupa diri

Tiada apa yang baru di dunia
hanya tinggal menunggu masa
Cahaya ‘kan padam tiada lagi
Hanya doa di malam sepi

(19 Januari 2010)

Daily battles of the mind

February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Good” is very scarce nowadays. The demand for good is great yet we’re short in supplies. And why more often than not do we take  “good”  for granted?

The only key for salvation – Start your day with the Quran.

The precious little gifts…

February 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I believe all mothers share if not the same, at least similar sentiments toward life when it comes to their children. They give you joy, test your patience. I cry alot nowadays when I see them less now that they are busy with school. In celebration of the gifts, I am doing the songs based on Bapak’s poems from Rindu Ibu. I have come across many other books and probably tried writing melodies over it but it just doesn’t seem to follow through. These songs are for you, my children and for your generation and the next to come. Believe that you are rich in many ways unmaterialistic, believe in love towards your Creator and make the best of all the gifts that you have for the greater good. InshaAllah.

Laadidaa di Frinjan 8.0

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ini gig pertama saya pada 2010. Tiada expectation. Akan difikirkan waktu beraksi kelak. Walaupun ini adalah gathering generasi yang baru dan ramai yang tidak mengenali siapa saya dahulu, saya lebih selesa. Saya cuma doakan terbaik. InshaAllah. Apapun, wajib menyanyikan lagu Rindu Ibu kerana tema mereka “We Heart Ibu”. Harap ada kaum ibu yang lain yang juga beraksi. I am curios about what these guys do. It will be totally different from the usual music gig. Saya suka. (inshaAllah juga).

Oh ya, jika sesiapa yang datang dan mengambil foto atau video, dijemput untuk berkongsi bersama di sini ya.

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