Rindu Ibu @ Selangor Young Talents’ Award

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Selangor Young Talent Awards -SEYTA 2010

The governing body of  State of  Selangor  engaged a secretariat of youth called Gen-S to organize a platform to celebrate outstanding talents and acknowledging the efforts made by the youth.  This would be the first time that an award ceremony of its kind is being inaugerated in Malaysia. The Selangor Young Talents’ Awards (SEYTA) is a credible foundation that is dedicated to raise awareness among the youth and encourage brilliance in works  encompassing the arts presented by and for the youth community.

I was given the chance to perform Rindu Ibu with an orchestra lead by Maestro M. Rafie Shafie, an old friend and an expert in acoustic guitars especially when it came to keroncong lines. Such an honour and privilege to have the piece with full string arrangements and live. Among those who were present and performed at the event were Tilu, Bunkface, Beeha, Prema Yin, Keladak, and many more.  The winners list if you’re interested may be found on http://www.gen-s.com.my.


Kata Luhur oleh A. Samad Said

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